1. The perception of sports betting as a form of profit


The worst and biggest mistake of novice players. You cannot try to win all bets. It can be a pleasant pastime, a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are very good at sports, overcoming bets should be a pleasant entertainment with additional income, no more. If you set your goal to live exclusively from betting, you will get tangled up in losses, debt and depression. It is clear that everyone is considered the most intelligent (because it is the way in which our psychology transmits it to us), but believe me, it is an illusion that you can only live by gambling wins, as there are people losing a lot Smarter than us. Think of bets as a pleasure instead of thinking about profits, it will be a sure way to stay afloat. However, you choose. Do you want to be in the background or afloat?


  1. The desire to recover


If you lose the amount you can afford to lose, then your bets for today are over. Do not try to put as an end to recover the lost! With this approach, you will automatically lose concentration and start betting on all the small odds. Even if you stopped betting on the game you had in mind. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to resist, especially when negative emotions are forced to make a bet, but unfortunately you have no other option. Either you stop betting today, or your losses are likely to go 100%, it is the most important law in betting. You can lose everything you can afford, and not a penny more. Do not you believe it? Check it.


  1. Ignorance of the rules of betting houses


It is especially important to know the rules of the bookmakers. All houses offer different bets on matches of, for example, football or other disciplines. Some houses offer types of bets that you do not know (offer of result including or not extension, etc.). So be careful. If you are new, we recommend that you read the rules and rules of each house. It is not necessary to read everything, but it is important to see the rules on betting in the sports that you are going to play.





  1. The inclusion of a large number of events in a combined


Most beginners try to combine many favorites with low odds. Of course, if we look at each game individually, it seems that only a miracle can cause each fee to be lost. But this impression is deceptive. In fact, these combinations are the bread of each bookmaker.


  1. Errors in live betting


There are many mistakes made in “live” bets. The main ones are described in this article.


  1. Passionate bets to your favorite team


Of course, bets should be for fun and that’s what your favorite team brings you. But sometimes its worth more to evaluate in a more objective way to bet: you can and should bet on your favorite team, but only if your opinion is under an objective analysis. Try to be sober and serene, and analyze the form of play and the state of form and do not be guided by sentimentality.


  1. Bets on various “win-win” systems


On the internet there are many websites (they say they are experts) that talk about strategies to ensure stable income rates. They talk that anyone can earn a thousand euros a day after buying their system. This is silly since you will most likely lose everything. The strategies they describe do not make much sense. In fact, several websites are trying to create an image of experts before bookmakers and advertise writing articles.


  1. Purchase and match-fixing


It’s complicated. If you intend to buy “match arrangements”, then, apologizing, you are quite foolish (no offense). Friends, our website declares with full responsibility that the rigged bets that are offered on the internet are a fraud.




Of course there are matches of matches, all over the world, even in the English Premier League. Wherever there are people, there is a place for corruption and business, unfortunately. The main leagues are no exception. There may be less corruption and corruption than in Italy or Russia, but these arrangements are everywhere. So, that information is difficult to sell on the internet. Normally never. All offers for the sale of information about arranged matches are usually pure fraud. Do not be stupid, do not be fooled!


  1. Betting under the effects of alcohol


You can make a bet and have a drink with friends in a bar watching the game. But what you cannot do is the opposite. That is, bets must be made sober and when drinking, it is better not to play. Otherwise, the loss of concentration and all the money are more than guaranteed.


  1. Playing with debts


It refers to a large stage of dependency. If you bet with debts, you have obvious problems. You should always put at risk only the amount that you can afford to lose for a while without relatively pain, and not try to borrow money to make more bets. You win once and you lose 3. And so you will do each time. You have just fallen into a real slavery. Do not let that happen!

How Bookmakers Work By Betexpart.com

It’s very simple. The bookmaker evaluates the possibilities of each particular result, and exposes the odds, which are the values ​​expressed in number by which your bet is multiplied in case of success.


Let’s say, for example, that the betting website offers betting on tennis to the match between Federer and Nadal. In tennis there can only be two possible outcomes, or the opponent a wins, or the opponent B wins. The betting website prepares its calculation of possibilities in this bet and proposes its quotas. In this example, Nadal is the clear favorite that will be more likely to win than Federer. With these data these quotas are offered:


  • The victory of Nadal – 1.5
  • The victory of Federer – 2.5


This means that if you correct the result of the winner, you multiply your bet by the corresponding quota. Keep in mind that the greater the probability of success, as the risk is lower, the fee is also lower, and vice versa. So, the job of the betting house is to calculate how to offer quotas so that those who lose the bet can compensate the payment of the profits of those who have been successful, regardless of the result really and making profits in all possibilities.


In these circumstances, what the betting website does is not assume any risk, and in addition, receive a guaranteed benefit regardless of the result. Because it is possible to have the bet in perfect balance on two possible outcomes, because most of them risk their money in favorites that when they lose compensates the rest of bets that are based on small amounts at less probable installments.


There is another important aspect that guarantees stable income on the betting website. Use a set of words to show what the coefficient of relative mathematical values ​​really is. That is, they do not show the real value of the odds of each quota. What they do is always show a lower value of the quota than the real, to have a profit margin of their own.


Imagine, as an example, that in this tennis match between Nadal and Federer the odds of winning each are the same (50/50). In this case, the mathematical calculation of quota rates would look like this:



  • The victory of Federer – 2.0
  • The victory of Nadal – 2.0



But the house will offer you the installments according to your margin:


  • The victory of Federer – 1.9
  • The victory of Nadal – 1.9


Why is this done?


For example, Nuria and Juanjo each bet 1,000 euros on a different player, Nuria bet that Federer will win and Juanjo bet that Nadal will win. If the odds that the web of bets offered were the real ones of 2.0, it could not have benefits without importing the result of the game. That is to say, if Federer wins, Nuria would receive his benefits of 1000 euros and Juanjo would lose his 1000 euros wagered. One bet compensates the other and the betting website does not win anything or lose anything.


However, if the odds offered show a probability of winning of both athletes of 1.9, the player who wins the bet will receive 900 euros but the amount of the loser will be 1000 euros. That is, regardless of the outcome of events, the bookmaker will enter 100 euros of benefits on these two bets. The margin ratios that the betting houses use always guarantee a profit. It’s the only thing that casino betting houses look like. Also in that these work with mathematical advantages on the players in their calculations of the quotas.